Publisert 08.09.2021 , sist oppdatert 17.09.2021

Irene Brox Nilsen

Navn / Name: Irene Brox Nilsen
Tittel / Title: Forsker, PhD. / Researcher
Avdeling / Department: Hydrologisk avdeling / Hydrology Department
Seksjon / Section: Hydrologisk modellering /  Hydrological Modelling
Epost / Email: ibni 'at'

Arbeider med / Areas of work:

  • Klimaendringer / Climate change
  • Klimaprofiler / Climate fact-sheets
  • Klima i Norge 2100 / Climate in Norway 2100
  • Nullgraderspasseringer / Zero-crossings

Irene Brox Nilsen is a research scientist at NVE in a position funded by the Norwegian Centre for Climate Services (NCCS). She works at the interface between researchers, technical managers and policy makers, often in a transdisciplinary context and focusing on the implementation of climate-related research output in decision-making and management tools. She has played a key role in developing the Climate Factsheets now available for each county in Norway for use by local planners and decision makers in climate change adaptation planning.

Prosjekter / Projects:

Publikasjoner / Publications: