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NVE FoU-publikasjoner 2021

Artikler i internasjonale tidsskrift med fagfellevurdering/Peer-reviewed international journal papers

Alipour, S.M., Engeland, K. & Leal, J. (2021) A practical methodology to perform global sensitivity analysis for 2D hydrodynamic computationally intensive simulations. Hydrology Research, 52 (6), 1309–1327,

Eriksen, T.E., Friberg, N., Brittain, J.E., Søli, G., Ballot, A., Årstein-Eriksen, E., Blakseth, T.A., Braaten, H.F.V. (2021) Ecological condition, biodiversity and major environmental challenges in a tropical river network in the Bago District in South-central Myanmar: First insights to the unknown.
Limnologica, 86, 125835,

Erlandsen, H.B., Beldring, S., Eisner, S., Hisdal, H., Huang, S. & Tallaksen, L.M. (2021) Constraining the HBV model for robust water balance assessments in a cold climate. Hydrology Research 1 April 2021, 52(2), 356–372,

Farinotti, D., Brinkerhoff, D.J., Fürst, J.J., Gantayat, P., Gillet-Chaulet, F., Huss, M., Leclercq, P.W., Maurer, H., Morlighem, M., Pandit, A., Rabatel, A., Ramsankaran, RAAJ, Reerink, T.J., Robo, E., Rouges, E., Tamre, E., van Pelt, W.J.J., Werder, M.A., Azam, M.F., Li, H. & Andreassen, L.M. (2021) Results from the Ice Thickness Models Intercomparison eXperiment Phase 2 (ITMIX2). Frontiers in Earth Science, 8,

Gao, H., Feng, Z., Zhang, T., Wang, Y., He, X., Li, H., Pan, X., Ren, Z., Chen, X., Zhang, W. & Duan, Z. (2021) Assessing glacier retreat and its impact on water resources in a headwater of Yangtze River based on CMIP6 projections. Science of The Total Environment, 765, 142774,

Grover, S., Tayal, S., Sharma, R. & Beldring S. (2021) Effect of changes in climate variables on hydrological regime of Chenab basin, western Himalaya. Journal of Water and Climate Change, jwc2021003,

Hagen, J., Leblois, E., Lawrence, D., Solomatine, D. & Sorteberg, A. (2021) Identifying major drivers of daily streamflow from large-scale atmospheric circulation with machine learning. Journal of Hydrology, 596, 126086,

Herrador, B.G., Lund, V., Fonahn, W.,  Hisdal, H., Hygen, H.O., Hyllestad, S., Nordeng, Z., Skaland, R.G., Sunde, L.S., Vold, L., White, R., Wong,W.K. & Nygård, K. (2021) Heavy weather events, water quality and gastroenteritis in Norway. One Health, 13, 100297,

Huang, S., Lawrence, D., Nilsen, I.B. & Li, H. (2021) Direct statistical downscaling of monthly streamflow from atmospheric variables in catchments with differing contributions from snowmelt. International Journal of Climatology, 41(Suppl. 1): E2757– E2777,

Kristensen, L., Czekirda, J., Penna, I., Etzelmüller, B., Nicolet, P., Pullarello, J.S., Blikra, L.H., Skrede, I., Oldani, S. & Abellan A. (2021) Movements, failure and climatic control of the Veslemannen rockslide, Western Norway. Landslides 18, 1963–1980,

L'Abée-Lund. J.H., Vøllestad, L.A., Brittain, J.E., Kvambekk, Å.S. & Solvang, T. (2021) Geographic variation and temporal trends in ice phenology in Norwegian lakes during the period 1890–2020. The Cryosphere, 15, 2333–2356,

Leigh, J.R., Evans, D.J.A., Stokes, C.R., Andreassen, L.M. & Carr, R.J. (2021) Glacial and periglacial geomorphology of central Troms and Finnmark county, Arctic Norway. Journal of Maps, 17:2, 348–366,  

Nilsen I.B., Hanssen-Bauer I., Tveito O.E. & Wong W.K. (2021) Projected changes in days with zero-crossings for Norway. International Journal of Climatology, 41, 2173–2188,

Mysterud, A., Viljugrein, H., L’Abée-Lund, J.H., Lund, S.E., Rolandsen, C.M. & Strand, O. (2021) The relationship between quotas and harvest in the alpine reindeer population on Hardangervidda, Norway. European Journal of Wildlife Research 67, 100,

Nazeer, A., Maskey, S., Skaugen, T. & McClain, M.E. (2021) Simulating the hydrological regime of the snow fed and glaciarised Gilgit Basin in the Upper Indus using global precipitation products and a data parsimonious precipitation-runoff model. Science of the Total environment, 802, 149872,

Roksvåg, T., Steinsland, I., & Engeland, K. (2021) A two field geostatistical model combining point and areal observations–A case study of annual runoff predictions in the Voss area. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C, Royal Statistical Society, vol. 70(4), 934–960,

Rouyet, L., Lilleøren, K.S., Böhme, M., Vick, L.M., Delaloye, R., Etzelmüller, B., Lauknes, T.R., Larsen, Y. & Blikra, L.H. (2021) Regional Morpho-Kinematic Inventory of Slope Movements in Northern Norway. Frontiers in Earth Science, 9,

Schilirò, L., Cepeda, J., Devoli, G. & Piciullo, L. (2021) Regional Analyses of Rainfall-Induced Landslide Initiation in Upper Gudbrandsdalen (South-Eastern Norway) Using TRIGRS Model. Geosciences 2021, 11(1), 35,

Steiner, J.F., Gurung, T.R., Joshi, S.P., Koch, I., Saloranta, T., Shea, J., Shrestha, A.B., Stigter, E. & Immerzeel, W.W. (2021) Multi-year observations of the high mountain water cycle in the Langtang catchment, Central Himalaya. Hydrological Processes, 35:e14189,

Stigter, E.E., Steiner, J.F., Koch, I., Saloranta, T.M., Kirkham, J.D. & Immerzeel, W.W. (2021) Energy and mass balance dynamics of the seasonal snowpack at two high-altitude sites in the Himalaya. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 183, 103233,

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Vickers, H., Malnes, E., van Pelt, W.J.J., Pohjola, V.A., Killie, M.A., Saloranta, T. & Karlsen, S.R. (2021) A compilation of snow cover datasets for Svalbard: A multi-sensor, multi-model study. Remote Sensing, 13(10), 2002,

Yan, L.,  Xiong, L.,  Ruan, G., Zhang, M. & Xu, C.-Y. (2021) Design flood estimation with varying record lengths in Norway under stationarity and nonstationarity scenarios. Hydrology Research; nh2021026,

Yuan, Q. Thorarinsdottir, T.L., Beldring, S., Wong, W.K. & Xu, C.-Y. (2021) Bridging the scale gap: obtaining high-resolution stochastic simulations of gridded daily precipitation in a future climate. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25(9), 5259–5275,

Artikler i nasjonale tidsskrift med fagfellevurdering/Peer-reviewed national journal papers

Alipour, S.M., Engeland, K. & Leal, J. (2021) Representation of 100-year design rainfall uncertainty in catchment-scale flood modelling: A MCMC Bayesian approach. VANN 4-2021, 360–371.

L’Abée-Lund, J.H. (2021) Tilsyn av vassdragsanlegg er nødvendig for vassdragsmiljøet. VANN 1-2021, 17–16. 

Sivakumar, N., Braskerud, B.C. & Fleig, A.K. (2021) Evaluering av overvannshåndteringen i urbane regnbed i Deichmans gate i Oslo.  VANN 2-2021, 131–141.

Artikler i internasjonale konferansepublikasjoner med fagfellevurdering/Peer-reviewed national journal papers

Devoli G., Colleuille H., Sund M. & Wasrud J. (2021) Seven Years of Landslide Forecasting in Norway—Strengths and Limitations.  In: Casagli N., Tofani V., Sassa K., Bobrowsky P.T. & Takara K., (Eds): Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk. WLF 2020. ICL Contribution to Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction. Springer, Cham., pp. 267–274.

Bøker og kapittel i bøker/Books and book chapters

Brittain, J.E., Gíslason, G.M., Ólafsson, J.S., Ponomarev, V.I., Aamodt, K.O., Bogen, J., Brørs, S., Jensen, A.J., Kochanov, S.K., Kokovkin, A.V., L’Abée-Lund, J.H., Melvold, K., Stenina, A.S. (2021) Arctic Rivers. In: Tockner, K., Zarfl, C. & Robinson C.T., (Eds): Rivers of Europa 2nd edition. Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ISBN: 9780081026120, pp. 496–546.

L’Abée-Lund, J.H., Aamodt, K.O., Brittain, J.E., Eie, J.A., Faugli, P.E., Haugland, S., Hvidsten, N.A., Jensen, A.J., Melvold, K., Pettersen, V. & Saltveit, S.J. (2021) Rivers of the Boreal Uplands. In: Tockner, K., Zarfl, C. & Robinson C.T., (Eds): Rivers of Europa 2nd edition. Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ISBN: 9780081026120,  pp. 775–809.


Hisdal, H., Vikhamar-Schuler, D., Førland, E.J. & Nilsen, I.B. (2021) Klimaprofiler for fylker. NCCS report no. 2/2021, 176 p.

Mayer, S., Benestad, R., Dobler, R., Hanssen-Bauer, I., Huang, S., Lawrence, D., Mezghani, A., Nilsen, I.B., Pontopiddan, M. & Wong, W.K. (2021) A short technical summary of RCN-financed projects PostClim and R3. NCCS report no. 1/2021, 22p.

Olsson, J., Sörensen, J., Elenius, M., Silva, B., Fragoso Jr., C.R., Li, H. & Beldring, S. (2021) Local model development: Deliverable 4.3 in project Model-based Global Assessment of Hydrological Pressure (GlobalHydroPressure)., 38 p.

Populærvitenskapelig artikkel/Popular science article

Andreassen, L.M
., Moholdt, G. & Kääb, A. (2021) Satellitter overvåker norske breer. Det er det gode grunner til. Aftenposten, 25.2.2021 (Viten-artikkel, papir). Lenke til nettsak.

Kjørstad, E. (2021) Varmere klima kan bety færre storflommer i Glomma., 4.2.2021. Lenke til nettsak.

Narayanappa, D., Nilsen, I.B. & Falk, S. (2021) Avskoging og den indiske monsunen. Bloggpost på "Søkelys på skogplanting", 10.5.2021. Lenke til nettsak. 

Nilsen, I.B., Bryn, A. & Dalen, T. (2021) Vil du være med og registrere tregrensa i sommer? Bloggpost på "Søkelys på skogplanting", 25.6.2021. Lenke til nettsak. 

Nilsen, I.B., Engeland, K. & Dyrrdal, A.V. (2021) "Været er litt som pandemien".  Aftenposten, 21.7.2021. Lenke til nettsak. 

Nilsen, I.B. & Saloranta, T. (2021) Skogen påvirker snødekket. Bloggpost på "Søkelys på skogplanting", 12.5.2021. Lenke til nettsak.  

Paasche, Ø., Engeland, K. & Støren, E. (2021) Trollet under broen. Dagens Næringsliv, 15.1.2021. Lenke til nettsak. 

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