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Romania – program on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Security – funded by EEA- and Norway grants

In Romania NVE is donor program partner for a program covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security. Being a donor program partner means to provide advisory services in all phases of program and project developments and implementation.


The EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 represent funding from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to reduce economic and social disparities and strengthen cooperation with 15 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics.  


For the period 2014- 2021 (extended to April 2024), a total contribution of €2.8 billion has been agreed. In the Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with the individual countries, the actual allocation is determined. In the MoU it was also determined which Norwegian authorities will be the donor program partner (adviser) for the countries’ respective programs. 
Strengthening relations between Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and the beneficiary countries is the other of the two main objectives of the EEA and Norway Grants. 


On program level 

The total budget for the energy program in Romania is 64 mill euros, all founded from the EEA and Norway grants. The Funds operator for the program is Innovation Norway. 


On project level under the program: 

Private businesses, research groups, public sector, and NGOs from the donor and the beneficiary countries are encouraged to cooperate and sending applications for joint projects. NVE as a donor program partner assists in facilitating such project cooperation. 

The work in the first phase was mostly related to preparatory activities in connection with developing a concept note for the program. The program agreement was signed in 2018. The open calls for project applicants are gradually launched in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Two of the launched calls are re-launched due to lack of interest for applications in the first round. Only two calls remain for allocation of funds in December 2021 (R&D and competence building (and probably a second relaunch of the electrification component). NVE has contributed significantly in facilitating Norwegian partnership in projects, which has yielded results, as many projects have Norwegian partners. Work on bilateral activities will continue in full on the program period until April 2024. 



The program is divided into 7 areas: 

  1. Developing hydro power 
  2. New geothermal energy installations 
  3. Other renewable energy 
  4. Energy efficiency in all sectors 
  5. Competence building in all program relevant areas 
  6. Research and development 
  7. Electrification of un-electrified households 

Contact person:

Bjørn Aulie,

Overall data for the energy program in Romania NVE

Mandate: NVE is Donor Program Partner (DPP) to the Funds Operator in Romania, Innovation Norway (FMO is formally program operator).

Program budget from the EEA- and Norway Grants of euro 62,826,000.

NVE’s expenditures as DPP are covered by a separate contract with FMO (Financial Mechanism Office).

Program period: Projects can be awarded until 2021, and must be completed by 2024.