NVE has been engaged in international development cooperation since the mid 1950s when our first hydrologists joined the UN-system, seconded from NVE.

Strategy for international development engagements and assignments coordinated by NVE’s International Department1 for 2017-2021.

Head of Section

Atle Tostensen, phone: +47 950 92 230

Current projects in Africa





Current projects in Europe





Since then we have been travelling and working on all continents from the Pacific to the high Himalayas.
The international activities of NVE are always linked with the corresponding know-how required and used for the management of water resources and energy in Norway.

The first cooperation with the Norwegian Agency for Development was formalized in the early 1980s, after 5-10 years with sporadic engagements.  Since then the activities have increased, in particular during the last few years, with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs huge focus on clean energy in relation to climate change challenges.

Our main activities are within institution and capacity building, covering most of NVE’s responsibilities such as:

  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Energy and water resources assessment and management
  • Licensing
  • Good governance
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