Publisert 03.01.2022 , sist oppdatert 11.01.2022

Uganda: Technical Assistance to the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) 2021-2025

The purpose of the program is through a set of cooperation areas and associated components to strengthen the capacity in ERA. The expected impact supported by the technical assistance program is to contribute to ERA’s goal: “Safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable electricity supply in Uganda” 

Kick off meeting at the embassy in Kampala, November 2021

Overall Project Data 

Financial donor: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented by the embassy in Kampala 

Partner: Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) 

Contract Value/ Duration: NOK 36 millions (USD 4 mill) 


The Technical Assistance Program between MOEE and ERA was developed through a pre study phase from 2019 to 2021NVE has been ongoing in the years 2014-2021 and is covering the following technical cooperation areas: 

  • Economical Regulation 
    • Assets register, evaluation and management 
    • Economical data, reporting to ERA 
  • Technical regulation 
    • Grid code 
    • Technical data, reporting to ERA 
  • Environmental and social issues 
    • Environmental flow 
    • Power sector environmental status report 
    • Safety of hydropower dams and water ways 
  • Benchmarking, quality and compliance 

Due to the pandemic situation the scope of work in the first year of the program is limited and focusing on i) Assets register, evaluation and management, ii) Grid Code and iii) Environment status report. 


The Program is striving for assisting ERA, as one of the most competent regulator in Africa, to substantially improve the electricity supply in Uganda. The figure below shows the expected outcomes.  

Contact person:

Gunn Oland,