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Hellstugubreen on 1st August 2013. Photo: Liss M. Andreassen

Hellstugubreen (61°34'N, 8°26') (now written with –an ending on official maps: Hellstugubrean) is a north-facing valley glacier situated in central Jotunheimen, the highest mountain massif in mainland Norway. The glacier shares a border with Vestre Memurubre glacier. See photos of the glacier.

Hellstugubreen ranges in elevation from 1487 to 2213 m a.s.l. and has an area of 2.7 km2 (map survey of 2019). Glaciological investigations include mass balance observations since 1962 and glacier length change measurements since 1901.The results can be viewed and downloaded from NVEs glacier data portal. The data are also published in the series 'Glaciological Investigations in Norway'.

The glacier is part of an east–west mass balance transect in southern Norway where mass turnover is largest near the western coast and decreases towards the drier interior. Hellstugubreen is in this respect considered a continental glacier, with a smaller mass balance turnover and less winter precipitation than glaciers situated farther west. 

The glacier has been mapped repeatedly; the most recent map is made by laserscanning and is from 2009. 


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