Publisert 11.02.2020 , sist oppdatert 03.02.2022

xgeo and web map services


Xgeo is an expert tool used for preparedness, monitoring and forecasting of floods, landslides and avalanches with maps and time base compiled data from stations and models with events and field observations. In a special edition it is now possible to also view Sentinel satellite imagery together with glacier data. is available in both Norwegian and English versions. Sentinel-2 imagery over Svalbard was available in Xgeo from October 2019.


NVE Atlas 

NVE's digital glacier inventory (NVEs Breatlas) shows glacier extents together with several other glacier data. The map interface is so far only available in Norwegian, but a Norwegian-English description is available. Some of the data product that have been made in Copernicus Glacier Service are already available at the map service.



The map and image service shows the standard maps and orthophoto products of NPI based on aerial imagery from 2008-2012, as well as seamless Sentinel-2 image mosaics from winter 2016 and summer 2020. Updated glacier calving fronts from the most recent Sentinel-2 mapping are shown as green lines in the older maps. Users can also view sea charts/bathymetry, 3D-models and historical oblique imagery from the 1930s, as well as newer local images from various overflights and field activities. The maps, orthophotos and satellite image mosaics of TopoSvalbard are also available as WMS services, see



The map service is a tool to visualize various thematic map layers for Svalbard together with selected background maps and aerial/satellite images as for TopoSvalbard. All glacier products can be found under the category «Sea and Ice» where the user can turn layers on/off and adjust the map layout as desired. The new glacier inventory from Sentinel-2 imagery in 2020 is to be published here together with historical Glacier Area Outlines for 1936-1972, 1990 and 2001-2010.. Annual calving front positions are published back to 2012 and will be updated annually. Derived data products of annual retreat rates, area/volume changes, ice discharge and total frontal ablation (sum of melting and calving) for each calving glacier will be added when it becomes an operational monitoring time series. Glacier lake outlines from summer 2020 are also planned. Most thematic map layers on Svalbardkartet are available as dynamic map services, see


Norwegian Polar Data Centre

This is an open data portal operated by NPI for sharing environmental data, maps and publications from the polar regions. Data products for Svalbard glaciers are published in this database with a unique doi-reference that is linked to the product overview on the Copernicus Glacier Service webpage. The searchable interface makes it possible to discover other relevant datasets as well.