Publisert 08.07.2020 , sist oppdatert 13.07.2020

Ukraine: Institutional Cooperation in the Field of Hydropower

NVE Mandate:  An institutional cooperation in the area of hydro power, focusing on hydrological data management and studies, legal framework for the power sector and licensing process.

Overall Project Data

Financial Donor:  The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv)

Partners:  Ministry of Energy, Hydro-Meteorological Centre of Ukraine, Lviv Regional State Administration

Contract Value: MNOK 32.7


After a fact-finding mission in 2017, NVE together with the Ukrainian partner institutions developed a proposal for an institutional cooperation. Due to internal political changes in Ukraine, the programme development required considerable time. In 2019, the cooperation could start, but, again due to internal political changes in Ukraine, progress was slow in the start.



The programme has a planned implementation spanning 3 years and covers the following cooperation areas:

Hydrological data management and hydropower potential: This component will improve the capacity of MHES to provide timely and comprehensive data and analyses based on hydrometric measurements through establishing a modern database, training MHES staff in use and maintenance of the data base, and illustrating how use of the data through different studies on the hydrologic regime in the study areas.

Legal review: The legal basis for the licensing process stems from a number of legal sources and institutions. As a first step in the process of reorganize the licensing process, a legal review of the relevant legal provisions will be carried out.

Licensing process: The objective of the activity is to develop a process and organization for efficient and professional coordination of the licensing process for small hydropower plants, thereby promoting the realization of the country’s potential in a way that is beneficial to the country’s citizens.



Work has started in the cooperation area 1. The other two areas are still awaiting clarification of the institutional situation.


Contact person:

Jonas Sandgren,