Publisert 28.01.2016 , sist oppdatert 03.10.2022

Wholesale market

Power producers, suppliers, industry and other participants buy and sell power in competition with other market participants in the electricity wholesale market. The wholesale market facilitates export from, as well as import to, Norway.

The wholesale market is divided into different timeframes of subsequent markets following each other on the road towards production time. In these markets, producers, suppliers and large consumers meet to trade.

NVE-RMEs role in the wholesale market

NVE-RME has assigned market place concessions to Nord Pool and EPEX SPOT to operate physical power exchanges and being responsible for ensuring that the marketplace is operated efficiently and effectively. Concessions to operate cross-border interconnections are granted by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. NVE-RME monitors compliance with concessions given to the TSO (Statnett) for operating cross-border interconnections, mainly in close dialogue with the relevant authorities in neighboring countries. Furthermore, NVE-RME monitors Statnett as system operator in Norway to make sure they operate the system in an efficient and neutral manner. 

Development of wholesale market legislation is increasingly carried out at European and Nordic level. NVE-RME participates in this work through organisations such as ACER, CEER and NordREG. Important topics are methodology for capacity calculation and market design in different segments of the wholesale market. 

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