Publisert 22.01.2016 , sist oppdatert 11.08.2022

Network regulation

The main objective of NVE-RME's network regulation is to provide the basis for efficient electricity markets and efficient control of network companies as natural monopolies.

Network structure

The Norwegian electricity network is made up of three main categories: transmission (central), regional and local distribution:

  • the transmission network (400kV-132kV)
  • the regional distribution network (132kV-33kV)
  • the local distribution network (22kV-240V)

Statnett is the only Transmission System Operator (TSO) and responsible for the transmission tariffs.

There are 146 network companies that own and operate regional distribution and/or distribution networks. Some also own minor parts of the transmission network.

Contact information:

Head of Section Torfinn Stulen Jonassen