Publisert 23.05.2016 , sist oppdatert 09.12.2021

Reporting regulation for electricity contracts

The reporting regulation for electricity contracts has the purpose of enabling the collection of prices, terms and conditions for The Consumer Council of Norway's (Forbrukerrådet) price comparison tool for the electricity market. The regulation came into force on 1 April 2015.

A well-functioning price comparison tool is important to enable consumers to make an active choice in the market. The Norwegian Competition Authority ran a price comparison tool for electricity from 1998, to enable consumers to compare electricity contracts. In 2015, this tool was replaced by The Consumer Council of Norway’s new price comparison tool

NVE-RME has developed a new reporting regulation for the tool, which expanded and replaced and the existing obligation to notify the Norwegian Competition Authority.

The new regulation requires retailers to report information about all electricity contracts to NVE. The regulation facilitates the publication of this information in The Consumer Council of Norway’s price comparison tool. Through the new price comparison tool, consumers can with greater ease compare 'their deal' with other deals, with regard to price, terms and conditions.