Publisert 23.05.2016 , sist oppdatert 09.12.2021


The development of Elhub will contribute to the modernisation of the power industry and enable efficient use of smart metering (AMS) through more efficient communication and data management. 

NVE-RME has mandated Statnett to develop a new IT solution for information exchange between actors in the power market. The solution is required to facilitate the exchange of metering values and customer information needed for settlement and billing of electricity consumers. The solution must also handle supplier switches in the retail market.

Elhub will facilitate efficient use of smart metering through a coherent distribution of data and by performing quality control of metering values reported by DSOs. Elhub will lead to a more efficient organisation of the power market by creating an even clearer divide between monopoly regulated companies and competitive retailers. By creating a neutral market structure with equal terms for competitive actors, Elhub will help increase competition and innovation in the retail market.

The establishment of Elhub will be a step on the way to facilitating a harmonised Nordic retail market. NordREG has recommended the development of data hubs in all Nordic countries in order to harmonise the market structures.

Regulatory amendments

NVE-RME has made amendments to regulation no. 301 on metering and settlement under the Energy Act in order to mandate the development of Elhub. Among the most important amendments are the use of national ID numbers for identification in Elhub and requirements on business processes for safe identification of individual consumers in the power market. A Norwegian version of the amendments is available here: NVE Rapport 51-2015.

NVE-RME has also had an additional public consultation with regard to Elhub, and made requirements on quality control and data migration to Elhub. Additional amendments in the regulation include the right for DSOs and retailers to directly access national ID numbers from the National Registry. A Norwegian version of the additional amendments is available here: NVE Rapport 75-2015.

External quality assurance of the Elhub project

NVE-RME has required that Statnett uses external quality assurance in the development and operation of Elhub. Statnett has contracted DNV GL to periodically assure the project. Two assurance reports have been produced so far, in which Statnett has received good feedback.