Publisert 21.06.2017 , sist oppdatert 08.12.2021

White Papers from the Regulatory Authorities

A number of White Papers have been published in the work to promote clean energy in Europe.

The aim of these White Papers is to provide the regulatory authorities' views on these bills and what their suggestions for improvement are. As the bills will be handled by the European Parliament, EC and Council of the European Union, their views are a valuable contribution. The White Papers will be published on a regular basis.

The Role of DSO

The paper provides ACER and CEER’s views on the DSOs as Neutral Marked Facilitators and the need for better network planning and coordination

Distribution and Transmission Network Tariffs and Incentives

The paper provides CEERs views on EU-wide Tariff Network codes and approach for regulatory incentives on DSOs

Facilitating Flexibility

The paper provides ACER and CEERs views on facilitating flexibility in a way that delivers a more affordable, secure and efficient electricity system.

Renewables in the Wholesale Market

This paper presents the views of CEER and ACER on how renewable generation can be integrated into the wholesale market. The regulators call for priority dispatch of existing renewables to be removed.

Efficient Wholesale Price Formation

This paper presents the views of CEER and ACER on efficient wholesale price formation.

Technology that Benefits Consumers

The paper provides CEERs views on smart meter roll-out, dynamic price contracts and a common European data format.

Consumer Empowerment

The paper provides CEERs views on supplier switching, customer information and billing, comparison tools and energy poverty.

System Adequacy & Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms

The paper presents CEER's views on both system adequacy & capacity remuneration mechanisms, drawing attention to, for example, common European solutions for evaluating system adequacy and, if capacity remuneration is introduced, cross-border participation.


The paper provides CEERs views on electricity infrastructure regulation, such as harmonisation of transmission tariffs, use of congestion income and transmission planning and development.

Renewable Self-Consumers and Energy Communities

The paper provides CEERs views on the European Commission’s proposals for regulation of renewable self-consumption and energy communities. The paper states that customers in energy communities must preserve their consumer rights. Energy communities operating as Distribution System Operator (DSO) should be regulated as a DSO with an effective and efficient regulatory oversight approach which benefits electricity consumers. CEER stresses the importance of preventing cross-subsidisation between active and non-active customers, whether individuals or energy communities.

Efficient System Operation

The paper provides CEER's views on efficient system operation, covering operational security, congestion management and non-frequency ancillary services. 

More details can be found on CEER's website.