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Grid Connection Codes (RfG, DCC, HVDC)

The connection codes specify functional requirements for generators (RfG), demand connections (DCC) and HVDC connections, including DC connected power park modules (HVDC). The connection codes, once ratified, will be part of Norwegian regulations.

Network Codes for Grid Connection

Network codes and related guidelines are a set of rules drafted by ENTSO-E, with guidance from ACER. The codes facilitate the harmonisation, integration and efficiency of the European electricity market. More information regarding the network codes and related guidelines are available at and

Implementation of connection codes in Norway

Current practice for approval of units’ grid connection to the transmission and higher voltage distribution grids in Norway

Under the current Norwegian regulation, the TSO (Statnett) approves the technical design of generators, network units and industry connections, before units may connect to the transmission and higher voltage distribution grids. This is pursuant to § 14 and § 20 of the Norwegian regulations for system operation (in Norwegian). Statnett is granted the right to set requirements for grid connection through the Norwegian system operation concession. The intention is to ensure that new installations contribute to a satisfactory quality of supply, as well as efficient development and utilisation of the Norwegian power system.

Statnett has developed a national guideline that presents the minimum technical requirements it requires for approving connection to the transmission and higher voltage distribution grids. This national guideline is called FIKS (functional requirements in the power system). Today’s requirements in FIKS cover hydro, wind and thermal power plants with an installed capacity greater than 1 MVA, as well as grid units and to a minor extent large industry connections.

Additionally, bilateral connection agreements are made between grid users and grid system operators on all voltage levels.

National implementation process

NVE requested Statnett to review the technical requirements in the connection codes, in close collaboration with national stakeholders. Three separate stakeholder groups were established, each working with one of the three connection codes. The national industry associations within the energy sector selected the participants among their stakeholders, based on technical expertise. The composition of each stakeholder group represented a cross section of the industry, to ensure that all relevant technical issues were addressed.

The following organisations were invited to nominate members to the connection code stakeholder groups:

Energy Norway (DSOs, producers)

Defo (DSOs) (in Norwegian)

KS Bedrift (DSOs) (in Norwegian)

Norwea (wind producers), 

Småkraftforeninga (small-scale hydro power producers) (in Norwegian)

The Federation of Norwegian Industries

Norwegian Oil and Gas Association

Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (NEK) (standardisation organisation 

REN (standardisation of grid construction) (in Norwegian)

The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre

The main points in the request to Statnett for the technical review were:

  • Identify differences in the three connection codes compared to the current practice in Norway.
  • Propose national specifications of the non-exhaustive requirements in the codes.
  • Propose Norwegian procedures and allocation of responsibility for requirements following the connection codes.

Statnett's delivery

The end product of the review is a description of how the connection codes will introduce changes to today’s practice for technical requirements for grid connection, and Statnett’s recommendation for implementation of the connection codes in Norway. If there is no consensus of certain technical requirements in the stakeholder groups, the deviating opinions from the stakeholders are described, together with Statnett’s recommendations.

Statnett's review of the codes:

Requirements for Generators (in Norwegian)

Demand Connection Code (in Norwegian)

High Voltage Direct Current Connections (in Norwegian)


For contact info, and more details (in Norwegian), see NVEs Norwegian pages on implementation of connection codes.