Publisert 01.10.2021

The Norwegian Government recently incorporated four Commission Regulations into the EEA agreement.

On 11 June 2021, the Norwegian Government adopted four Commission regulations from the EU's Third Energy Package into the EEA agreement. The Norwegian Government also passed amendments to the Energy Act. 

Commission regulations, or so-called binding guidelines, are detailed technical rules designed to contribute to the power market and power system operations being developed in a coordinated manner between countries. 

The four Commission Regulations now incorporated into the EEA Agreement are: 

(EU) 2015/1222 Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM)
(EU) 2016/1719 Guideline on Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA)
(EU) 2017/2195 Guideline on Electricity Balancing (EB)
(EU) 2017/1485 System Operation Guideline (SOGL) 

These Commission regulations will apply in Norway in the same way as other regulations adopted based on the Energy Act. The Commission regulations and the amendments to the Energy Act entered into force in Norwegian law on 1 August 2021. 

In an attempt to modernise the European power market design, which Norway is a part of, a set of terms, conditions and methodologies have been laid out to support the work. NVE-RME is therefore currently asking Norwegian players for feedback on The Norwegian TSO’s (Statnett) and the power exchanges, often referred to as NEMOs (Nominated Electricity Market Operators), proposals on terms, conditions and methodologies attached to each regulation. Feedback on these sets of terms, conditions and methodologies are being asked for in batches and results will be published on our website consecutively. Currently NVE-RME is requesting feedback on a set of terms, conditions and methodologies for a common grid model, market coupling and establishment of a Nordic LFC block.