Publisert 06.04.2017 , sist oppdatert 31.10.2019

Incentives Schemes for Regulating DSOs

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) is currently undertaking a public hearing on ‘Incentives Schemes for Regulating DSOs, including for Innovation' where goals and tools for regulation of distribution system operators from an NRA perspective are presented.

The hearing looks at how market developments might trigger changes to regulatory tools and/or regulatory goals when it comes to regulatory principles, goals and tools, challenges due to the need for change, as well as the changing aims in regulation driven by the energy transition and approaches towards good practice. This will enable NRAs and other stakeholders to identify regulatory models with incentive schemes that best fit the challenges of the new context in the European energy sector, taking into account specificities of the concrete situation each NRA is facing in its own country and reaching an optimal outcome for the system.

For further details, please read the paper itself.