Publisert 04.10.2018 , sist oppdatert 31.10.2019

Energy regulators propose a cross-sectoral Guide on Bundled Products to protect consumers

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) recently launched a public consultation on a Guide on Bundled Products aimed at protecting consumers. The goal is to work with sectoral regulators, consumer protection authorities, etc. to develop guidance for companies and regulators in all sectors, not just the energy sector. Interested parties are invited to respond to the public consultation by 14 November 2018.

Bundled products, also known as combined, optional or additional services, can be offered within a sector, for example broadband bundles (e.g. Internet, home telephone, TV and mobile telephone services) or across multiple sectors (e.g. combined household insurance and electricity agreement or travel insurance and banking, etc.). The potential complexity and multi-sectoral nature of bundled products raises the question of how to help consumers make better choices.

The draft Guide sets out principles within all sectors, not just energy. It contains 10 recommendations for companies (e.g. simplicity, clear liability principles, transparency, billing and information on contract conditions) and 5 for NRAs (general rules on bundles in consumer law, protection of essential services, cross-sectoral cooperation and market monitoring).

Read more about the consultation here.