Publisert 25.09.2020 , sist oppdatert 30.09.2020

CEER Paper on DSO Procedures of Procurement of Flexibility

RME has been an important contributor towards this paper, providing insights on what the implications are for incentives, prerequisites and interactions among the involved parties with DSO access to and use of flexibility. 

The aim of the paper is to elaborate how flexibility can be made available and how market-based procurement procedures could be arranged at distribution level, focusing on necessary preconditions and different methods giving an overview of most of the aspects to contemplate on a European level, taking into account the room for adaptation to national circumstances. 

We would like to point out that flexibility is not a target in itself, but a means of realising a more cost-effective power system.

A lot of expertise is currently being built when testing out how acquisition and use of flexibility works in practice, and in Norway there are several different initiatives and pilot projects on the topic.

Through connection agreements, tariff design and market-based solutions, there are several alternative ways to achieve a cost-effective implementation.

We are facing an exciting development in this area, which RME is following closely.

Read the Paper on DSO Procedures of Procurement of Flexibility here (external link to PDF on CEERs website).

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