Publisert 20.08.2019 , sist oppdatert 31.10.2019

CEER Conclusions Paper on New Services and DSO Involvement

Earlier this year, CEER published its Conclusions Paper on New Services and DSO Involvement.

This paper aims to provide further clarity on NRAs’ positions regarding remaining grey areas for energy system services, covering:
• Storage;
• Direct services to the consumer;
• Data management;
• Telecommunications and services outside of the energy sector.

The paper concludes that a market-centric approach for the facilitation of services should be used wherever possible, with Distribution System Operators (DSOs) acting as neutral market facilitators that facilitate service markets. The boundary between a DSO’s core activity and the provision of other services must be drawn clearly.

CEER NRAs have determined that activities which, in principle, are open for competition are the following (list not exhaustive):
Providing flexibility services, including storage;
The development, ownership and operation of Electric Vehicle charging points; and
The provision of direct services to consumers (including specific energy efficiency advice), data analysis services and enriched data to third parties.

NRAs should also be in a position to decide upon exceptions when well-warranted.
This paper contributes to CEER’s 3D Strategy, of which one D is 'dynamic regulation' that responds appropriately to changes in energy markets such as new services.

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