Publisert 10.02.2020 , sist oppdatert 13.02.2020

Svartisen data package

A data package of subglacial pressure data and other related data from the Svartisen area is now available.

The basal ice at Engenbreen glacier, Svartisen.

A data package of basal pressure data and other meteorological and hydrological data are now available. R-codes are also included in the data package.  

The data package can be downloaded here

Note that the download begins automatically when you click on the link. The files were packaged with "7zip" and must be unzipped before use. 

The data are available "as is". There can be errors and gaps and NVE gives no guarantee for the quality of the data or that it can give misleasding information. Take special consideration of at the R-codes given are more as a starting point and may need further work to perform satisfactorily.  

When you use the data please refer and give credit to NVE:,

If you have questions send an e-mail to mja [at] or bre [at]