Publisert 30.06.2020 , sist oppdatert 02.07.2021

Electricity disclosure

Power suppliers not buying Guarantees of Origin (GOs) must refer to the electricity disclosure published by NVE in their statements.

The calculated electricity disclosure is based on European trade with GOs.

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Senior Adviser Ingrid Ueland

Head of Section Anton Eliston

Power suppliers are obliged by the revised Electricity Market Directive (2009/72/EC) to disclose information regarding their energy mix the previous year to consumers.

A disclosure statement shall be provided to the consumer in the marketing and billing of the electricity by referring to this webpage. This is regulated in Regulations on power sales and network services

The GO scheme gives the customer a possibility to express their preference of buying electricity with a renewable origin by demanding electricity with GOs. Power suppliers that wish to make an individual disclosure statement that give the consumer documentation of the origin of the produced electricity must buy GOs. GOs bought by a power supplier and used for individual disclosure statements, must be cancelled to prevent them of being sold more than once.  

Power suppliers that sell electricity to customers without GOs must use NVE’s calculated electricity disclosure as their statement. The electricity disclosure does not refer to the actual delivery of electricity to end users in Norway.