NVE supervises eco-design and energy labelling regulations for products. The supervision includes checking that the requirements are met, as well as initiating appropriate reaction.

Nemko performed controls on behalf of NVE during fall 2016 and spring 2017

Energy labelling of products gives the consumer the opportunity to choose the most energy efficient product. It is important that stores and online stores which sell energy related products meet the energy labelling requirements. In the fall 2016, Nemko verified the energy labelling of products in 8 stores in the Oslo-region. They have also verified 11 online stores and 7 commercials. In total almost 2000 lightbulbs, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and televisions have been verified, see list of verified products below. 

 Controlled Products  Store

 Online store 


 Commercial  Total
 Lightbulbs    419    419
 Washing machine  185  366  32  583
 Vacum cleaners  149  110  13  272
 Television  386  226  69  651
 Total  720  1121  84  1925

A number of findings have been made that may indicate that the energy labelling rules are not complied to. Commercials for televisions, vacuum cleaners and other energy related products often lack reference to their energy efficiency category, as specified by the regulations. In online stores, it was verified whether the products showed electronic energy label and product data sheet, a requirement that applies to all new product models. Even though it is not a new model it can be a requirement to inform about the energy efficiency category and provide other information about the products energy usage in online stores. This was not controlled this time, but may be relevant to verify next time.

In 2017, there will also be a supervision on products complying with environmentally friendly design.


NVE's control types and reaction forms (types)

  •  Documentation controls: verifies that the producers are keeping the requirements disclosure, if technical documentation, declaration of conformity, product data sheet and energy labels are in order. The declaration of conformity and the CE mark are the manufacturer’s or importer’s confirmation that a product may lawfully be marketed and traded in the EEA.


  • Control Measurements: verification of whether the information on the energy labels is correct and whether the products comply with the ecodesign requirements for energy efficiency and other requirements. The verification includes tests of selected products made at the independent and accredited laboratories.


  • Store Control: Verification whether the energy labels are used on the products in the stores or through sales on online stores and ads (advertising and technical sales material). In addition, controls whether other relevant information is provided on online stores and advertisements (advertising and technical sales material).


  • In case of violation of the requirements, NVE may require rectification and impose compulsion until rectification has taken place.


  • Supervision aims to ensure that energy savings potential is triggered, that there are equal conditions of competition for those who produce or bring the products into the market, as well as safeguard the interests of consumers by purchasing products that conform to the stated sales information.