Publisert 08.10.2018 , sist oppdatert 26.10.2018

Energy Consumption and Efficiency

Energy Consumption in Norway

This area shows development using all energy products in all sectors in Norway. Energy products can be divided into seven main groups; electricity, district heating, oil, coal, gas, bioenergy and gasoline/diesel.

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Eco-design and Energy Labelling of Products

The eco-design and energy-labelling directive are two measures initiated by the EU and aim to reduce the environmental impact of energy-related products throughout their life cycle, enabling consumers to choose the most energy-efficient product on the market.

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Energy Labelling of Buildings and Housing

The energy-label shows the housing or buildings energy condition through an energy category and a heating category. It is the owner’s duty to energy-label. The label should be used when selling and renting; and for large technical facilities, it should be hanged visible to the users. 

In buildings with air conditioning, and heating using oil and gas, there is a duty to do regularly an energy assessment of the facilities. 

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