The INDICE final workshop will be held 23–24 May 2016 at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate in Oslo.

Programme 24.5.2016

What is happening in the Himalayas? How is climate change having an effect on temperature, rain, snow and ice in this high-mountain region, and what effect is it having on the large populations that live alongside the rivers and watersheds further downstream?

The INDICE project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and is a collaborative effort between 5 research institutions – two in Norway and three in India – to study and try to answer these questions. The project started in August 2012 and will finish in 2016. The final project meeting will be in May 2016 and is a 2-day event. The second day will be open to interested parties – glaciologists, hydrologists, meteorologists, other scientists working in India, or working in the Himalayas outside of India; those studying the societal effects of climate change and all others who are interested in this topic.

There will be presentations on the results from INDICE, and we would also like to invite groups doing similar work, especially groups funded by the INDNOR programme of the Norwegian Research Council, to consider participating in the meeting and presenting their results.

Please contact Dr. Miriam Jackson, mja [at], if you are interested in participating in this workshop.



Marianne Jensen (NFR) - Norwegian Research Council and INDNOR programme

Martin Honsberg (Statkraft) - Challenges and activities in international hydropower related to climate change

Miriam Jackson (NVE) - The response of the hydrological system in India to climate change – an overview of the INDICE Project

Oskar Landgren ( - Regional climate model simulations in INDICE

Hong Li ( - The effect of climate change on river run-off in Northwest India

Rasmus Benestad ( - A mental picture of the greenhouse effect - A pedagogic explanation

John Burkhart (HyCAMP project leader + UiO) – The effect of aerosols on the Himalayan Cryosphere – What do we Know?

Lalu Das (BCKV) - Ensembles-based downscaled climate change scenarios over the Western Himalayan region of India

CICERO/Grid Arendal - The Himalayan Climate and Water Atlas

Jitendra Meher (BCKV) - Are CMIP3/CMIP5 GCMs able to simulate observed seasonal rainfall change over the Western Himalayan region of India?

Alagappan Ramanathan (JNU) - Recent mass loss on Chhota Shigri Glacier revealed by field based mass balance, meteorology and runoff measurements

Shresth Tayal (TERI) - Snow/ Ice variability over western Himalayas and its implications on regional water security

Shilpi Kapur (TERI) (by video) - Melting of glaciers and communities: Impact on livelihoods in the Kolahoi glacier region of the Himalayas

Farideh Ramjerdi (TØI) - CLIMATRANS project

Michel Mesquita (UNI) - Can Antarctic sea ice loss affect the summer monsoon rainfall? Insights from a new project called C-ICE