The current license will end 31 Desember 2020. All companies involved in business that require a license must obtain one. Companies that have a license has to apply for a renewal of their license from the Norwegian Energy Regulator – NVE – RME. A license is applied for and renewed through the Norwegian portal for online services, Altinn. We will open for renewal applications May 1. 2020. The company needs to send an application before September 30. 2020 to be ensured that your application is processed and reviewed before the deadline December 31. 2020.

Contact information

Advisor Pia Engh Roll

Phone: (+47) 22 95 94 66

Higher Executive Officer Nikolai Grønland

Phone: (+47) 22 95 98 61

Advisor Sigrid Hendriks Moe 

Phone: (+47) 22 95 98 21