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Nepal: Partnership with ICIMOD

In partnership with International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) NVE is working to improve observations and modelling of Snow Accumulation and Melt Dynamics in a Himalayan Watershed - SnowAMP.

Overall Project Data

Partner: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

Financial donor: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu)

Contract Value/ Duration: 10 807 400 NOK / 2019-2022.

NVE Mandate
In partnership with ICIMOD, increase the scientific knowledge on snow melting and accumulation dynamics in the Hindu Kush Himalayan watersheds to better understand the role of snow melt for the water resources in the area. In partnership with ICIMOD, share and increase the knowledge on snow measurement, analysis and modelling techniques and the challenges of their application in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Mountain environment.

Support hydropower development through capacity building on environmental safeguards in collaboration with International Finance Cooperation, World Bank Group (IFC). Fact-finding missions to investigate areas were support to the government of Nepal could be relevant in the future, such as hydrological data for hydropower development, sediment dynamics and a broader long-term support.


To increase the understanding of the snow accumulation and melt dynamics in Hindu Kush Himalayan watersheds from metering stations in Langtang Valley. Establish metering stations and research to a second site.

The programme will also support the development of sustainable hydropower in Nepal.


The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded a successful cooperation on glacio-hydrological monitoring and modelling between NVE ICIMOD 2014 – 2018 under ICIMOD’s Regional Programme Cryosphere and Atmosphere.


Activity A1: Monitoring and field campaigns in the Langtang catchment

Activity A2: Glacio-hydrological modelling (water, snow, glacier ice) in the Langtang catchment

Activity A3: Dissemination and training

Activity B4: Review of data and knowledge needs for hydropower development

Activity B5: Establishment of glacio-hydrological monitoring stations at a new site (e.g. Trishuli river basin)

Activity B6: Glacio-hydrological modelling at a new site (Trishuli river basin)

Activity B7: Satellite remote sensing

Activity B8: Support and capacity building for development of framework for hydropower

Activity B9: Sediment dynamics for hydropower development



Contact person: 

Kirsten Westgaard,