Sustainable economic development through natural resource management and renewable energy generation.

Overall Project Data:


The Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway (MFA)
Section for Russia, Eurasia and Regional Cooperation.

NVE Mandate:

To facilitate institutional cooperation between the Norwegian Water Resources Energy Directorate (NVE) and government institutions in Georgia, including Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (MOESD), Natural Environmental Agency (NEA), Georgia State Electrosystem (GSE) and Georgia Technical University (GTU).

Contract value/Duration:

NOK 31 mill. - started in Feb. 2018 and ends in Dec. 2022.


In April 2013, MFA and the Government of Georgia (GoG) agreed to carry out a cooperation program supporting economic development of Georgia by promoting development of renewable energy and build capacity in the water directorate NEA. During 2014-2017 an energy program facilitated by NVE provided assistance to NEA to carry out resource mapping, collect and analyse hydrological data and assess potentials for hydropower generation. The result was amongst other a digitization of hydrological data in a database, a new computation of run-off maps and a study report of the hydropower potential in Georgia.

The current program is the second phase of the program lasting from 2018 to the end of 2022. This second phase expanded the cooperation to include capacity building to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgia Technical University and Georgian State Electrosystem. The aim is to support capacity building in key areas of the public sector and increased awareness and expertise about renewable energy, hydropower and facilitate development of legal frameworks supporting a transition and integration towards international energy markets.


The following activities are currently on-going or in the pipeline to be implemented during 2018-2023:

Public sector institutions:

  • Carry out workshops and seminars about natural resources, energy markets and power system development.
  • Sharing of practices and standards on public sector governance and new energy investments.
  • Project management and coordination.

Georgia Technical University:

  • Promote, interview and select potential students for scholarship for Master program.
  • Facilitate and expedite the support plan for students accepted at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.

Natural Environmental Agency:

  • Assist in generating climate change scenarios by analyzing impact on surface water run-off and develop hydrological models.
  • Improve routines and preparedness to ensure that integrity of hydrological data is improved.
  • Develop modelling tools for water resource management and use in one pilot.
  • Quality assurance and digitizing of glaciological data

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development:

  • Assistance in drafting a renewable energy law.
  • Assistance in drafting secondary legislation on energy and renewables.
  • Support development of a communication platform

Georgian State Electrosystem

  • Grid development, market transition and regional integration


Kirsten Westgaard (


From the study report completed in 2017.