Publisert 12.03.2020 , sist oppdatert 13.03.2020

New studies report on changes of Norwegian glaciers

Journal of Glaciology has used a historical map from 1902 of the Østre Svartisen ice cap as cover image. See the full cover here.

A new issue of Journal of Glaciology includes two papers by NVE authors on glacier changes in Norway. 

Glacier change in Norway since the 1960s:
This paper gives an overview of changes in area, length, surface elevation and mass balance of glaciers in mainland Norway since the 1960s. More than half of the observed glaciers, 27 of 49, had marked advances in the 1990s. The glaciological mass-balance values for the period 1962–2018, where 43 glaciersmhave been measured, show great inter-annual variability. The results reveal accelerated deficit since 2000, the most negative decade being 2001–2010. 

Reference and link to paper:
Andreassen, L.M., H. Elvehøy, B. Kjøllmoen, J.M.C. Belart. 2020. Glacier change in Norway since the 1960s – an overview of mass balance, area, length and surface elevation changes. Journal of Glaciology 1–16.  (pdf)

Historical maps used to assess the ~1899 glacier extent of the Nordland county:
This study reconstructs the ∼1899 (covering the period 1882–1916) glacier extent in Nordland, northern Norway, from historical gradteigskart maps, with an emphasis on examining the accuracy of the mapped glaciers. This work is part of Paul Weber's ph.d. work (University of Poursemputh/UK). 

Reference and link to paper: :
Weber, P., L.M. Andreassen, C. M. Boston, H. Lovell, H. and S. Kvarteig. 2020. An ~1899 glacier inventory for Nordland, northern Norway, produced from historical maps. Journal of Glaciology, 1-19. (pdf)

A popular paper in Norwegian on the use of historical map series 'Gradteigskart' was published in Aftenposten in October 2019:

Andreassen, Liss M. og Paul Weber. Historiske kart over Norge avslører breenes utvikling. 
Aftenposten paper 29. oktober 2019.