Publisert 11.05.2022

Fact sheet on the development of Norwegian glaciers with results from 2021

Storbreen in Jotunheimen, on 26th September 2021. Photo: Liss M. Andreassen.

NVE has made another fact sheet about the development of Norwegian glaciers. This year’s edition has been updated with results from 2021. The fact sheet is written in both Norwegian and English and contains four pages. This is the fifth successive year we make a fact sheet to inform about changes of Norwegian glaciers. The aim is to share the information and knowledge we gather about our glaciers.

The fact sheet can also be ordered (as long as stock lasts) by sending an email to Enter full name/institution, postal address and desired number of copies.

NVE 2022. Oversikt over norske breer/Overview of Norwegian glaciers. NVE Fakta 03/2022, 4s.

Overview of NVE’s fact sheet on glaciers