FoU-Publikasjonar 2020 - NVE

FoU-Publikasjonar utanom NVE sine seriar 2020 / R&D Publications outside the NVE’s series 2020

Artiklar i internasjonale tidsskrift med fagfellevurdering / Peer-reviewed international journal papers

Andreassen, L.M., Elvehøy, H., Kjøllmoen, B. & Belart, J.M.C. (2020) Glacier change in Norway since the 1960s – an overview of mass balance, area, length and surface elevation changes. Journal of Glaciology, 66(256), 313–328,     

Dyrrdal, A.V., Isaksen, K., Jacobsen, J.K.S. & Nilsen, I.B. (2020) Present and future changes in winter climate indices relevant for access disruptions in Troms, northern Norway. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 20, 1847–1865,

Engeland, K., Aano, A., Steffensen, I., Støren, E. & Paasche, Ø. (2020) New flood frequency estimates for the largest river in Norway based on the combination of short and long time series. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 24, 5595–5619,

Grover, S., Tayal, S., Beldring, S. & Li, H. (2020) Modeling Hydrological Processes in Ungauged Snow-Fed Catchment of Western Himalaya. Water Resources 47(6), 987–995,

Hegdahl, T. J., Engeland, K., Müller, M. & Sillmann, J. (2020): An event-based approach to explore selected present and future Atmospheric River induced floods in western Norway. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 21(9), 2003–2021,

Huang, S., Shah, H., Naz, N.B., Shrestha, N., Mishra, V., Daggupati, P., Ghimire, U. &Vetter, T. (2020) Impacts of hydrological model calibration on projected hydrological changes under climate change – a multi-model assessment in three large river basins. Climatic Change, 163, 1143–1164,

Johansson, F.E., Bakke, J., Støren, E.N., Paasche, Ø, Engeland, K. & Arnaud, F. (2020) Lake sediments reveal large variations in flood frequency over the last 6,500 years in south-western Norway. Frontiers in Earth Science, 8, 239,   

Landrø, M., Pfuhl, G., Engeset, R.V., Jackson, M. &Hetland, A. (2020) Avalanche decision-making frameworks: classification and analysis of the underlying factors. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 169 

Larsen, H. T., Hendrikx, J., Slåtten, M. S., & Engeset, R. V. (2020) Developing nationwide avalanche terrain maps for Norway. Natural Hazards, 103, 2829–2847,

Lawrence, D. (2020) Uncertainty introduced by flood frequency analysis in projections for changes in flood magnitudes under a future climate in Norway. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 28:100675,

Leigh, J.R, Stokes, C.R., Evans, D.J.A., Carr, R.J. & Andreassen, L.M. (2020). Timing of ‘Little Ice Age’ maxima and subsequent glacier retreat in northern Troms and western Finnmark, northern Norway. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 52:1, 281–311, 

Liersch, S., Drews, S., Pilz, T., Salack, S., Sietz, D., Aich, V., Larsen, M.A.D., Gaedeke, A., Halsnae, K., Thiery, W., Huang, S., Lobanova, A., Koch, H. & Hattermann, F.F. (2020) One simulation, different conclusions - the baseline period makes the difference! Environmental Research Letters, 15, 104014,

Magnusson, J., Nævdal, G., Matt, F., Burkhart, J.F. & Winstral, A. (2020) Improving hydropower inflow forecasts by assimilating snow data. Hydrology Research, 51.2, 226–237,

Maystrenko Y. P., Brönner, M., Olesen, O., Saloranta, T.M. & Slagstad, T. (2020) Atmospheric precipitation and anomalous upper mantle in relation to intraplate seismicity in Norway. Tectonics, 39, e2020TC006070,

Nilsson, A.L.K., Reitan, T., Skaugen, T., L’Abée-Lund, J.H., Gamelon, M., Jerstad, K., Røstad, O.W., Slagsvold, T., Stenseth, N.C., Vøllestad, L.A. & Walseng, B. (2020). Location Is Everything, but Climate Gets a Share: Analyzing Small-Scale Environmental Influences on Breeding Success in the White-Throated Dipper. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8:542846.

Nilsson A.L.K., Skaugen, T., Reitan, T., L’Abée-Lund, J.H., Gamelon, M., Jerstad, K., Røstad, O.W., Slagsvold, T., Stenseth, N.C., Vøllestad, L.A. & Walseng, B. (2020). Hydrology influences breeding time in the white throated dipper. BMC Ecology, 20, 70,

Roksvåg, T., Steinsland, I. & Engeland, K. (2020) Estimation of annual runoff by exploiting long-term spatial patterns and short records within a geostatistical framework. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 24 (8), 41094133,

Schaller, N., Sillmann, J., Müller, M., Haarsma, R., Hazeleger, W., Hegdahl, T. J., Kelder, T., van den Oord, G., Weerts, A. & Whan, K. (2020) The role of spatial and temporal model resolution in a flood event storyline approach in Western Norway. Weather and Climate Extremes, 29:100259,

Skaugen, T., Lawrence, D. & Ortega, R.Z. (2020) A parameter parsimonious approach for catchment scale urban hydrology – Which processes are important? Journal of Hydrology X, 8:100060

Techel, F., Müller, K. & Schweizer, J. (2020) On the importance of snowpack stability, the frequency distribution of snowpack stability, and avalanche size in assessing the avalanche danger level. The Cryosphere, 14, 3503–3521,

Weber, P., Andreassen, L.M., Boston, C.M., Lovell, H. & Kvarteig. S. (2020) An ~1899 glacier inventory for Nordland, northern Norway, produced from historical maps. Journal of Glaciology, 66(256), 259–277,  

Weber, P., Lovell, H., Andreassen, L.M. & Boston, C.M. (2020) Reconstructing the Little Ice Age extent of Langfjordjøkelen, northernmost Arctic Norway, as a baseline for assessing centennial-scale icefield recession. Polar Research, 39 

Welty, E., Zemp, M., Navarro, F., Huss, M., Fürst, J.J., Gärtner-Roer, I., Landmann, J., Machguth, H., Naegeli, K., Andreassen, L.M., Farinotti, D., Li, H. & GlaThiDa Contributors (2020) Worldwide version-controlled database of glacier thickness observations. Earth System Science Data, 12, 3039–3055, 

Yang, X., Magnusson, J., Huang S., Beldring S. & Xu, C.-Y. (2020) Dependence of regionalization methods on the complexity of hydrological models in multiple climatic regions. Journal of Hydrology, 582:124357,


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