NVE uses R, an open source software, for calculating the electricity DSO's revenue caps. Using R provides full transparency, making it possible to follow each line of code from assumptions and import of data to the revenue cap for each DSO.

The latest version of the code is available on NVE’s GitHub. When notice is given and decision of revenue caps are calculated, a copy of the script used is made available on NVE’s website.

Users with programming skills may, by utilising the code, analyse how different settings affect the revenue caps. For those with less experience, please refer to the “IRiR Guidelines” document, found in the menu on the right-hand side of your screen. The first chapter of said document explains how to install, and get started with the code. Furthermore the document describes how the code is built up, method of calculation, base amount and variables. NVE is, however, not able to provide support for these tools.

In order to run the script, you must install ‘R’. We also recommend using RStudio, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R. RStudio makes using and developing the code more user-friendly. Links for downloading the applications are found in the menu to the right. For users that wish to learn programming in R, please refer to the same website as RStudio is found on, in the link ‘Learn R programming`

The script for calculating harmony income is also available, documentation of this is work in progress.