The statistics provide a picture of the distribution network tariffs that a typical customer will pay in various network areas. The statistics also show how the tariffs have developed over time.

The network tariffs consist of a fixed component, an energy component and in some cases a load component. To make tariffs in different network areas comparable, the components have been converted into an estimated price/tariff measured in øre/kWh* or NOK/kW.

In the conversion, assumptions have been made about customer groups and the average customer's energy consumption and use of load. Hence, the statistics do neither give a precise picture of the total network tariff charge in the different network areas, nor the exact (official) network tariffs determined by the network companies.

NVE has not verified the network companies' tariff calculations and cannot vouch for that they have been calculated in accordance with current regulations.

The statistics show the current network tariffs excluding taxes. By ticking off the two boxes at the top of the page VAT and consumer tax are included. Network tariffs from a previous year are displayed when one of the alternatives in the drop down menu are selected. The statistics show average network tariffs in each county. When a county is selected, the converted tariffs ('omregnet øre/kwh') in each network area in that county are displayed. The last row ('Landsgjennomsnitt') displays the national average.

* 100 øre = 1 NOK


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Variations in network tariffs for household customers as of January 2016 (excluding taxes). Illustration: NVE