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Regional Workshop on Hydrological Forecasting and Real Time Data Management

28.04.2009 | 10:43

Regional Workshop on Hydrological Forecasting & Real-Time Data Management is jointly organised  by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, and Hydrometeorological Services of Croatia and Serbia, with financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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Installing systems for real-time hydrological measurements.

Final programme (pdf)

Workshop Venue & Schedule:
Hotel Park, Dubrovnik, Croatia
11- 13 May 2009

Hydrometeorological Service of Croatia (HMSC)
Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)
Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (HMSS)

List of participants

Conclusions and Recommendations


Workshop opening:

  • Hydrological Forecasting and Real Time Data Management. Tommaso Abrate, WMO
  • Hydrological Implications of Integrated TWRM in the Sava River Basin. Dejan Komatina, ISRBC

    Topic 1: Hydrological data collection and management systems:


    Country reports:


    Software session:


    Topic 2: Hydrological Forecasting Systems in the Balkan region and elsewhere:


    Country reports:


    The Workshop’s general aim is to foster regional cooperation in the Balkan region and, in particular, to  strengthen capabilities of the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services (NHMSs) of the Balkan states to better cope with ever increasing users’ needs and requirements for real-time hydrological data, and timely, accurate hydrological flood warnings and forecasts of river flow regime in the region.



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    Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Republic Hydrometerological Service og Serbia