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Conference - Future Climate and Renewable Energy: Impacts, Risks and Adaptation

08.05.2009 | 09:33

Did you know that Climate Change will increase the potential for production of renewable energy?

Climate Change Impacts on Renewable Energy Photo: NVE Climate Change Impacts on Renewable Energy Photo: NVE


Extended deadline for registration May 17 2010

Oslo, Norway, 31 May - 2 June 2010

At the Nordic and Baltic conference on “Future Climate and Renewable Energy – Impacts, Risks and Adaptation”, you will meet stakeholders from the energy sector and researchers to exchange views and acquire information about current research results regarding the:

  • past and present changes in climate and hydrology.
  • climate and hydrological projections for the near future (2020-2050).
  • effects of a changing climate and hydrology on renewable energy.
  • risks and opportunities for renewable energy caused by climate change.
  • adaptation strategies.
Ces2010 program

Increased uncertainty regarding future renewable resources due to climate change is a key issue for the energy sector. The production capacity of some renewable energy resources will likely be increased. On the other hand, changes in the seasonal and geographical patterns of production and demand need to be managed. Disturbances and costs due to possible changes in extreme events, such as floods, droughts or storms also need to be considered. Increased uncertainty translates into riskier decisions within the sector including operational and market issues, short term responses and investments. It also calls for adaptation measures for related issues, such as ensuring dam safety.

The goal of the conference is to present recent research on how global warming will impact the Nordic and Baltic electricity system over the next 20-30 years. The conference will focus on changes in hydrology (including snow, ice and glaciers), climate and potential production as well as the future safety of the production systems and the underlying uncertainties.

The conference is organized by the Nordic and Baltic project Climate and Energy Systems (CES) 2007-2010. The CES project is funded by Nordic Energy Research, the Nordic energy sector and the participating institutions.

Main topics:

  • Past and present changes
  • Climate projections
  • Hydrological projection (including snow and ice)
  • Climate change effects on renewable energy
  • Risks, potential and adaptation


First announcement: May 20 2009
Second announcement: October 1 2009
Abstracts: February 1 2010
Abstract acceptance notification: March 1 2010
Submission of final abstract: May 1 2010
Extended deadline for registration: May 17 2010


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