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Research and development

03.05.2011 | 14:10

As the national centre for expertise in hydrology, NVE has a particular responsibility for obtaining basic knowledge applicable in the management of the water and energy resources in Norway. 

NVE participates in both international and national research projects that can be divided into four focus areas:

Topic: Avalanches and landslides


Decision support system for landslide forecasting
Contact person: Dr. Hervé Colleuille

Methods for avalanche forecasting
Contact person: Dr. Rune Engeset
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Topic: Hydrological forecasting


Analyses and forecasting of soil moisture and groundwater
Contact person:  Dr. Hervé Colleuille

Improvement, calibration and uncertainty analysis of the snow model in ”SeNorge”
Contact person: Dr. Tuomo Saloranta

Improved models for flood forecasting
Contact person: Dr. Elin Langsholt

Lake ice modelling
Contact person: Ragnar Ekker

Satellite-observed SCA and Gamma-distributed snow in the HBV-model
Contact person: Dr. Thomas Skaugen

Topic: Climate change effects on hydrology and the cryosphere


Climate change and future floods
Contact person: Dr. Deborah Lawrence

Climate change and hydrological processes
Contact person: Dr. Stein Beldring

Effects of climate change on erosion and sediment transport processes
Contact person: Dr. Jim Bogen

Projections of water levels in Norway
Contact person: Dr. Péter Borsányi

SAWA (Strategic Alliance for integrated Water management Actions)
SAWA is an EU Interreg IVB project
Contact person: Dr. Deborah Lawrence

SVALI (Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice)
SVALI is a new Nordic Centre of Excellence funded by NordForsk.

SVALI1: Present baseline and changes
Contact person: Dr. Liss Marie Andreassen

SVALI2: Glacial and Subglacial Hydrology
Contact person: Dr. Miriam Jackson

SVALI3: Modeling and prediction
Contact person: Dr. Kjetil Melvold

WATCH (Water and Global Change)
WATCH is an EU-funded integrated project under FP VI
Contact person: Dr. Ingjerd Haddeland


Topic: Improved methods for monitoring

Automatic discharge measurement devise based on dilution of RhodaminWT (AutoQ)
Contact person: Knut M. Møen

Testing and evaluation of new methods for snow water equivalent measurements
Contact person: Elise Trondsen