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The power situation week 2 2012

18.01.2012 | 14:00

Different price development in the Norwegian elspot areas.

The price differed by 5 NOK/MWh in the Norwegian elspot areas in week 1. In week 2, the price difference increased to 31 NOK/MWh.

The average power prices in Southwest-, Western- and Eastern-Norway increased by 5-7 percent, to 255, 256 and 266 NOK/MWh. Central- and Northern-Norway experienced equal prices all week, facing a 15 percent increase in prices from week 1, to an average of 286 NOK/MWh in week 2.

The ice conditions on Swedish rivers led to restrictions and a large decrease in the hydropower production in the northern part of Sweden last week. This contributed to higher demand for power from the northern parts of Norway and may partly explain why the price increase was greatest there, compared to southern parts of Norway.

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