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European cooperation

22.05.2009 | 13:58

The cooperation between European regulators is organized through CEER and ERGEG, both with participation from NVE. In the proposal by the EU Commission on the Third Energy Market Package in 2007, increased attention is given to the cooperation between regulators.

The Third Energy Market Package implies i.e. the establishment of an Agency for the cooperation between the energy regulators – ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators). The European regulators are actively involved in the formation of ACER. NVE is participating in the process to ensure its future role in the Agency.

It is expected that the Third Energy Market Package will be approved by fall of 2009.

CEER, the Council of European Regulators was founded in 2000 through a “Memorandum of Understanding”. The cooperation was later formalized through establishing CEER as a separate legal entity under Belgian law in 2003. CEER has a formally independent role in relation to the EU Commission. NVE is a full member of CEER. ERGEG was established through an EU Commission initiative in 2003 and has a formal role as adviser to the EU Commission. NVE is an observer in the ERGEG Board.

CEER and ERGEG prepare and issue “Guidelines of Good Practice”.

Read about relevant hearings in CEER and ERGEG.

Under the ERGEG umbrella there is an initiative to establish a regional cooperation between energy regulators in 7 different geographical areas (Regional Initiatives). NVE is participating in the Northern European Regional Initiative which comprises the Nordic countries and Germany and Polen.

Read more about the Northern Electricity Regional Initiative (link)

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